Rehab Update 2021

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Objectives/goals of conference

Rehab Update 2021

February 26, 2021.

5.5 CE approved for Nursing

The Goals for the Confererence: To increase the attendee’s awareness of new trends in rehabilitation and to support the continued growth of rehabilitation nusing and individual nurses.

Following the conference, the nurse/case manager will be able to:

Discuss the basic pathophysiology, trends and prevalence of Covid-19. Identify risk factors and signs and symptoms of those infected by Covid-19. Describe the current process to diagnose Covid-19 and antibody presence. Discuss medications and treatment for those infected with Covid-19. Review the processes for staying safe while caring for patients and living life. Identify characteristics and traits of operating on ‘low power mode’ and how to appropriate recognize these personal patterns and reactions. Successfully introduce changes to monitor and maintain their leadership health. Identify the signs of impairment in the workplace. List employer initiatives to promote safety and provide assistance. Understand the essential steps to make a report or referral of an impaired nurse. Review and discuss the mandatory reporting law, (section 464.018, F.S.). Discuss treatment programs for impaired practitioners, (section 456.076, F.S.) (Rulemaking Authority 464.013(3) FS Law Implemented 464.013(3)FS History-New 11-5-15).